Generative AI sparks excitement and uncertainty

A new survey from Betterworks shows that the arrival of generative AI has generated excitement, experimentation, innovation, fear, and uncertainty among employees and organizations.

The research, conducted by Propeller Insights, shows over half of employees are using GenAI at work for complex activities and believe it has the potential to reduce bias across a range of processes, despite the fact that only 41 percent of organizations are actively evaluating it or have made GenAI a priority.

"We wanted to understand how C-suites across the country are thinking about and responding to GenAI," says Doug Dennerline, CEO of Betterworks. "Are businesses embracing the opportunity and actively exploring ways to become more efficient and data-driven? And how do their workforces feel -- what excites them, what concerns them, and have they already started using it to do their work? At Betterworks, we believe that GenAI will make people and organizations far more productive and innovative, as well as simplify and enhance performance management."

Top uses for AI include strategic work, idea generation/brainstorming, simple writing tasks, and technical work. Nearly half of the 1,000 employees surveyed say AI can make their jobs easier and more efficient, while almost a quarter expect negative impacts, suggesting better communication about the impact of AI is essential.

While 61 percent of employees believe GenAI will promote a more fair and inclusive workplace -- by reducing bias in HR processes such as performance reviews, recruitment, training and development, feedback, and career conversations -- 57 percent are concerned that GenAI could unintentionally introduce and perpetuate bias due to factors such as historically biased data and difficulty understanding the complexity of AI decisions.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents think that GenAI can lead to more effective and unbiased performance evaluations by removing age bias, gender bias, and prejudice. Many also believe that AI can help create a more diverse workforce by identifying high-potential employees from under-represented groups. 75 percent also believe that a combination of AI and human intelligence is necessary toremoving bias while incorporating human judgment in performance reviews

The full report is available from the Betterworks site.

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