Opera GX browser gains a Panic Button -- protecting users from prying eyes

A recent survey conducted by the team behind Opera GX (a version of the Opera browser specifically designed for gamers) found that 36 percent of users admitted to accessing inappropriate content when away from home. 45 percent of respondents also said they’d been discovered by a parent, family member, or partner when engaging in various improper activities online.

To protect users from the embarrassment of being caught viewing inappropriate or non-work-related content, Opera GX, has introduced a new feature called Panic Button.

"Your browser can always be trusted to bring you immediate gratification. However, these quick moments of joy can result in long-term shame if caught by prying eyes. But it doesn’t have to be this way," said Maciej Kocemba, product director at Opera and the mastermind behind Opera GX. "We created Panic Button as your first line of defense when your online secrets are at risk."

The Panic Button works by instantly switching to a preselected "safe" tab when activated with the F12 key. It mutes and pauses all active tabs, replacing them with a window of innocuous content. To revert back to the original tabs, users can hit the F12 key again.

To activate the Panic Button, Opera GX users must first enable the "Early Bird" option in the browser's settings.

The Panic Button comes with a list of pre-installed websites that users can select as their "safe" tab. Users can also choose their own websites.

You can download Opera GX here.

Image credit: tashatuvango/depositphotos.com

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