Christmas comes early to the Linux community -- Zorin OS 17 is here to replace Windows 11 on your PC

The Linux world is sure to be buzzing with excitement, as Zorin OS 17 officially rolls out today, marking a significant upgrade over its predecessors. This release is more than just a cosmetic overhaul; it’s a comprehensive enhancement of the entire system, promising a smoother, faster, and more intuitive user experience.

Zorin OS 17 leaps ahead with noticeable performance boosts, now requiring only 1.5 GB of RAM as opposed to the previous 2 GB. This change not only breathes new life into older hardware but also aligns with environmental sustainability by reducing the need for frequent upgrades. How cool is that?

The Zorin Menu has been revamped for quicker access to files, appointments, contacts, and even includes a handy calculator within the search function. This user-centric approach extends to the new “All Apps” category, simplifying app discovery.

Multitasking receives a major upgrade with the introduction of a horizontal workspace arrangement and intuitive touchpad gestures. The Spatial Desktop feature adds a 3D dimension to workspace switching, offering a more engaging user interface.

The Software store in Zorin OS 17, now powered by GNOME Software version 45.2, offers a streamlined, faster experience with a fresh design. It supports a wider range of package formats, including APT, Snap, Flatpak, AppImage, .deb, and even Windows software, highlighting Zorin OS’s commitment to versatility.

For power users, the new advanced window-tiling feature allows for more efficient screen real estate management. Additionally, the redesigned Quick Settings menu enhances accessibility with options like a one-click Dark Mode toggle and adjustable Power Modes to optimize performance or battery life.

The screenshot and screen recording functionalities have been overhauled for ease of use. The Weather app also gets a major redesign, offering comprehensive 10-day forecasts.

Pro users can look forward to two new desktop layouts: a ChromeOS-like and a GNOME 2-like layout, further expanding customization options.

Beyond these key features, Zorin OS 17 includes improved Windows software support, now powered by the latest WINE version 8.0.2, and new parental control settings. Hardware support is broader, thanks to updated drivers, and the RDP protocol for remote desktop sharing enhances security and functionality.

The aesthetic refinement is evident in the updated theme styling and a new, bolder “ZORIN” logotype. Zorin OS 17 also promises long-term support until 2027, making it a reliable choice for businesses and educational institutions.

Ultimately, Zorin OS 17 stands as a great option for those seeking an alternative to mainstream operating systems like Windows 11. You can download the operating system here now.

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