Microsoft's next big release will be Windows 11 24H2; Windows 12 may not launch until 2025

Windows 11 24H2 2024

Anyone holding out buying a new PC because they're waiting for Windows 12 should probably just bite the bullet. While many were hoping -- even expecting -- Microsoft to release Windows 12 in 2024, the latest rumors suggest that it's more likely to be in 2025.

But that's not to say 2024 is a write-off; far from it. Microsoft still has a lot in store for Windows 11 users, and the next big update -- codenamed Hudson Valley -- is thought to be dropping in September. Also known as Windows 11 24H2 ad the Windows 11 2024 Update, this is a major release which will Microsoft continuing to inject AI into the operating system.

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As reported by the reliable Zac Bowden of Windows Central, Windows 11 24H2 is going to be a major update and Windows Insiders can expect to get the first bite of the cherry over the coming months. With 2024 being touted as the year of the AI PC, it will come as no surprise that Microsoft is set to use the update to bring even more features powered by artificial intelligences to Windows 11.

Among the additions and changes that are expected are a next generation edition of Windows Copilot which will be used to enhance the user experience in a variety of ways. With a raft of Windows AI PCs scheduled for release in the months to come, this will be an exciting time for hardware manufacturers, software developers and users alike.

While it is hard to predict everything that Microsoft has planned on the AI front, there is undeniably a lot in store for Windows 11 and we've had various hints about what's to come. Among the more interesting enhancements are a Copilot-driven search utility, AI-powered UI and UX improvements, and history browsing feature to complement search.

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