HYPER launches HyperJuice 240W Silicone USB-C to USB-C Cable

HYPER has launched its new HyperJuice 240W Silicone USB-C to USB-C Cable. The cable distinguishes itself with its remarkable 240W charging capacity, enabled by PD 3.1’s Extended Power Range (EPR). Designed to meet the charging needs of today’s demanding devices and future innovations, this cable provides efficient and rapid charging without sacrificing safety or durability.

Key features of the cable include a 240W charging power that ensures quick and efficient charging for all devices, a durable silicone jacket that withstands over 25,000 bends, and a portable, tangle-free silicone design for easy management. The cable also features Over-Temperature Protection (OTP) up to 90°C / 194°F, with each port connector containing E-marker chips for safe power and data delivery. Additionally, the cable is future-proofed with universal compatibility, designed to support all USB-C devices of today and tomorrow.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the HyperJuice 240W Silicone USB-C to USB-C Cable, as a testament to our commitment to creating innovations for both today and tomorrow,” says Barry Miller, VP of Sales and Marketing at HYPER. “This cable empowers users to Go Beyond by providing future-proofed, high-speed charging capabilities for all USB-C devices.”

The HyperJuice 240W Silicone USB-C to USB-C Cable is now available for sale. It can be had from Amazon here for just $19.99.

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