Keeper Security introduces passkey support for mobiles

Passkeys, cryptographic keys that lets users log in to accounts and apps without entering a password, have been around for a while but mostly on computers.

Now though Keeper Security has introduced passkey management support for both both Android and iOS mobile devices.

"Keeper is leading the way toward a secure, passwordless future by further expanding our support for passkeys," says Craig Lurey, CTO and co-founder of Keeper Security. "As this exciting new authentication method grows in popularity, we understand that users need a platform that provides secure management of multiple login methods -- including both passkeys and traditional passwords. In this hybrid world, Keeper provides a seamless experience across operating systems and devices."

The passkey uses biometrics on your device, such as your fingerprint or face recognition, which makes it possible for you to log in to supported apps and accounts the same way you unlock your phone or tablet with your fingerprint or face.

Keeper saves and auto-fills the passkey, much like a password-based login. The Keeper Vault provides management of the passkeys, including the ability to securely share them between family members and business teams. Whereas passkeys are usually linked to a specific device, the Keeper Vault allows them to be used and managed from anywhere.

You can find out more on the Keeper site and there's a video demonstration of how it works below.

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