Microsoft is arrogantly giving Copilot greater prominence than your notifications in Windows 11


Microsoft is ramming Copilot further down the throats of Windows 11 users in the latest push of its AI-driven assistant.

The company is so eager for people to take notice of Copilot, that the company has elevated the tool so it is more prominent than important notifications. The change is seen in Windows 11 build 26100 as well as Windows 11 version 23H2 where the gesture previously used to access notifications now calls up Copilot instead.

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As the change relates to a gesture, it currently only affects tablets running Windows 11, but this could change further down the line. Microsoft's obsession with Copilot means that a swipe from the right of the screen now summons up the Copilot pane rather than the notifications panel.

It is a tweak that was spotted by many, including Zac Bowden who shared a video on X:

As Bowden notes in a follow-up post, the change has further implications:

This change means there is now no way to open the notification center with a gesture on tablets.

While there is certainly an argument that Copilot is a useful tool, Microsoft's belief that it is more important than the notifications you may want to see smacks of arrogance. It remains to be seen how long this change stays in place and if it extends further.

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