Windows 11 slammed for its 'comically bad' performance even on high-end hardware

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Just about everyone who has used Windows has at some time complained that it is slow. The sluggish performance of Windows 11 -- in particular the Start menu -- has even been noted by an ex-Microsoft developer who worked on the creation of the operating system.

Software developer Andy Young has bemoaned the "comically bad" performance of the Windows 11 Start Menu despite using what would objectively be considered high-end hardware. He is leading calls for Windows "to be as good as it once was".

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Young used a series of posts on X to draw attention to the performance issues that have been irritating him. Pointing out that he is using an Intel Core i9-based system with 128GB of RAM, he shared a video of the Start menu's treacle-like performance.

This is not the first time Young has spoken out about the Start menu. Back in February he joked about how Start menu lag resulted in him initiating unwanted Bing searches rather than launching apps. He drew attention to a two-month-old post when another user responded to his performance complaint with the same observation.

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Wanting to make it clear that he is not just a Linux or macOS fanboy out to badmouth Windows, Young professes his love for Microsoft's operating system and shared the fact that he was involved with its creation:

Microsoft became aware of the posts and the attention they have gained, leading to the company's Vice President of the Development Community, Scott Hanselman, getting involved. Young also indicated that he'd been contacted by Jen Gentleman who is part of the Windows engineering team and handles Start menu-related feedback.

The number of comments on Young's post is a clear indication that he is not alone in experiencing Start menu performance issues. It remains to be seen what, if anything, is done about it.

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