Updated, lightweight Microsoft Store offers faster downloads and multi-app parallel installations

Microsoft Store update

In response to user feedback, Microsoft has launched Microsoft Store installers for web with refined workflow and faster app downloads.

The changes only apply to Store apps installed directly from apps.microsoft.com, but for anyone using this approach rather than the Microsoft Store app, there are great improvements to the UX. Fewer clicks are now needed to locate and install an app, individual installations are faster, and parallel installation of multiple apps are possible.

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Posting on X, Microsoft's Rudy Huyn explains that "we built an undocked version of the Store using the same logic and code as the larger app, managing prerequisites, entitlements, downloads, and installations in the same way. However, this time, it was packaged in a much smaller and undocked executable".

What did this achieve? It eliminated the need for a user to confirm an installation twice, meaning that an app can be installed with just a couple of clicks.

He shares details of the advantages of undocking code in this way:

- Only two clicks needed.

- A lightweight installer launching much faster than the Store.

- Always up-to-date and includes the latest features and supports all products, even if the Store app has not been updated for months.

- Always works, even if the Store was removed.

- Supports multi-installations in parallel.

Microsoft says that satisfaction levels are high with both users and developers.

It is worth checking out Huyn’s post on X as he spent a lot of time over the weekend responding to a wide range of questions about the changes:

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