Linux Daddy Linus Torvalds releases kernel 6.9

Linus Torvalds, the pioneer behind the Linux kernel, has released version 6.9, opting not to delay despite a few unresolved regression fixes. According to Torvalds, the remaining issues are minor and will be addressed via backports in subsequent updates. This version is characterized by its stability, with Torvalds noting that the release process appeared “pretty normal.”

This iteration brings notable updates, particularly to GPU and networking drivers, which dominate the change log, although Torvalds mentioned that these are relatively small in scope. The release also includes several critical filesystem fixes, with enhancements to bcachefs and adjustments in ksmbd, alongside late-stage selftest fixes and core networking amendments.

Additionally, Torvalds shared insights into his enhanced testing capabilities facilitated by a new, more powerful arm64 machine from Ampere. This advancement has allowed him to perform nearly as many arm64 builds as x86-64, promising continued robustness in testing during the merge window for the forthcoming Linux Kernel 6.10.

As the merge window for the next version opens, Torvalds has encouraged robust testing and recognized the promptness of contributors who have already submitted pull requests. This cycle of feedback and early contributions underscores the collaborative effort integral to the kernel's development.

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