Deepin Linux V23 RC: A Windows 11 alternative from China

Deepin, a Linux-based open-source desktop operating system developed in China, has announced the release candidate (RC) of its latest version, Deepin V23 (download here). This RC version introduces numerous new features and improvements, aiming to attract users who are considering a switch from Microsoft Windows 11. However, as this is not the final release, potential switchers should wait for the stable version to ensure a seamless transition.

The Deepin V23 RC comes with a host of new features that enhance usability and user experience. The installer has been optimized with improved UI details, updated carousel images, and a trial mode for users to experience the system without installation. It also reverts pre-installed applications to deb versions, supports 14th generation U terminal devices, and provides dual kernel options of 5.15 and 6.6.

The launcher has been significantly revamped with a new three-section layout, quick access functionality, and a free sorting mode for applications. Users can now create and modify application groups, drag custom applications to change their order, and use a letter index feature for easier navigation. The addition of "Frequently Used Software" and "Recently Installed" modules further enhances application management.

The taskbar has been refactored using QML, adding shortcuts to the clipboard plugin, global search, and workspace views. The taskbar now supports a maximum of six workspace views and allows users to hide default content through the multitasking view and Plugin Manager. The taskbar also features adaptive application activation indicators and updated icon styles.

Other notable updates include new shortcuts in the file manager, cloud synchronization for the calendar and browser, and optimized application descriptions and new feature displays in the app store. The deepin-service-manager plugin has also been adapted for better functionality.

Deepin V23 RC introduces standalone applications for cross-device collaboration, allowing for mouse and keyboard sharing, clipboard sharing, and file transfer between devices. The overall interaction experience on the Deepin side has been optimized, and a new Windows application version is available for download.

UOS AI has been enhanced with optimized application window interaction logic and new support for generating images through text descriptions. Users can now invoke and set system settings using keyword descriptions, making the system more intuitive and user-friendly.

The release candidate addresses several bugs, including issues with system shutdown blocking, application installation errors, and interface blurriness on high-resolution screens. However, there are still known issues that need to be fixed, such as taskbar crashes in dual-screen extended mode and problems with the taskbar's follow-mouse position setting.

Deepin V23 RC looks to be a promising release that showcases the potential of this Linux-based operating system as a viable alternative to Windows 11. However, as a release candidate, it is not yet ready for mainstream adoption. Windows switchers should wait for the final version to ensure a stable and polished experience. For those eager to explore, the RC version offers a glimpse into what Deepin has to offer, but patience is advised before making the full switch.

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