Logitech introduces MX Ink: A new stylus for Meta Quest users

Logitech has collaborated with Meta to introduce the MX Ink, a stylus designed to improve user interactions in mixed reality (MR) environments for Meta Quest users. This product aims to provide precise control for a seamless transition between digital spaces.

Vadim Kogan, Logitech’s Head of AR/VR, stated, "For over four decades, Logitech has shown the way with software-enabled, hardware solutions crafted to provide people the freedom and precise control they need to express themselves, connecting them to the digital world." He further added, "The new Logitech MX Ink is a stylus that seamlessly transitions from 2D to 3D spaces, offering the familiarity of a 2D stylus with the tracking accuracy expected by Meta Quest users in MR."

Furhan Zafar, VP, Sustaining Product Operations & Accessories at Meta, also remarked, "MX Ink offers a first-of-its-kind input device for the Meta Quest ecosystem. We believe the Meta customers will benefit from having such a complimentary tool that will be supported by many applications and users alike."

The MX Ink is compatible with both Meta Quest 3 and Quest 2, allowing these headsets to support more than two paired controllers at once. It pairs through the Meta Quest app and is designed to function like a real pen in various MR applications such as Gravity Sketch, ENGAGE XR, OpenBrush, and Arkio.

Additionally, the MX Ink can be used with the MX Mat, a friction-free surface, and is available with the MX Ink Well, a charging base inspired by pen stands.

The MX Ink, along with related accessories, will be available later this year through Logitech, Meta, and Amazon. For developers interested in integrating the MX Ink into their applications, Logitech will provide a developer kit accessible through their website.

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