Linux Mint 22 'Wilma' Beta rolls out: Sleek, secure, and ready for the future

Linux Mint has announced the Beta release of its latest version, Linux Mint 22, codenamed "Wilma." This version is a long-term support release, promising updates until 2029. Linux Mint 22 introduces a ton of enhancements and new features aimed at improving user experience and efficiency on the desktop.

Linux Mint 22 has improved its installation process to better localize the system while conserving disk space. Extra language packages are now removed post-installation, reducing the system's footprint. Additionally, for users installing the system with an internet connection, language packs for the selected language are automatically downloaded. Key languages such as English, German, Spanish, and French, among others, are included on the ISO, negating the need for an internet connection for their installation.

At its core, Linux Mint 22 is built on the new Ubuntu 24.04 package base and features kernel version 6.8. This update enhances compatibility with newer hardware. Significant changes include the transition to Pipewire as the default sound server and support for the latest GNOME and GTK technologies. Linux Mint 22 also introduces JXL image format support and significant updates to the software management system, ensuring smoother and more secure operations.

The mintinstall Software Manager has been optimized for better performance, with a faster loading time and an instant appearance of the main window. It now features improved multi-threading, a new preferences page, and a visually appealing banner slideshow.

Addressing security, Linux Mint 22 has taken a strong stance on Flatpak verification. Unverified Flatpaks are disabled by default to safeguard users from potential security risks. Verified Flatpaks now display the maintainer's name, providing an additional layer of trust.

Following the discontinuation of Hexchat, Linux Mint 22 embraces the Matrix network, offering a modern chat solution similar to Slack or Discord. It includes a preinstalled Web App for Matrix, facilitating easy access and connectivity to the Linux Mint space on the Matrix network through the Element web client.

Cinnamon 6.2, the latest iteration of Linux Mint's primary desktop environment, introduces several usability enhancements. These include a new layout editor for Nemo actions, improved support for printer notifications, and enhanced applets for VPN and battery status. Keybindings support and improved user interface elements also contribute to a more refined desktop experience.

For those interested in exploring the Beta version of Linux Mint 22 "Wilma," you can download an ISO using the below links.

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