How to migrate your passwords from LastPass to 1Password


EasyBCD developer NeoSmart Technologies has released LastPass to 1Password, a simple automated tool for converting exported LastPass CSV files to the 1PIF format used by 1Password.


If you’re wondering why, check out the official method for transferring data from LastPass: export from Firefox (other browser export options don’t work properly), install Strawberry Perl, run custom Perl commands to export individual data types, manually import each exported file later...

NeoSmart’s approach is a little more streamlined. Launch the program, point it at your LastPass CSV and it generates a 1Password 1PIF for you.

A post-conversion dialog enables opening 1Password immediately to import your data. It also includes options to securely delete both the exported and converted files after you’ve finished.

There are dangers with doing something like this. Any conversion program will by definition have access to all your credentials, which it could then save and send elsewhere.

We don’t see any significant risks here as the program comes from a well-known and trusted developer. But the company has made the source code available, if you’re the cautious type, and experts will get the most security by checking and compiling it themselves.

LastPass to 1Password is a free tool for Windows 7 and later.

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