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Sun Valley: Microsoft is planning a major redesign for Windows 10

Gold Microsoft sign

Windows 10 is set to undergo a huge redesign next year, with sources saying that the likes of Explorer, the Action Center and the Start menu will be getting big overhauls.

The UI revamp has been codenamed Sun Valley, and it is due for a public release some time in the holiday season 2021. While the Windows 10 October 2020 Update introduced some changes to the Start menu, it is a while since Windows 10 received any significant updates to the user interface. With Sun Valley, however, Microsoft is said to be "reinvigorating" the operating system.

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Microsoft goes on the offensive with Edge, showing taskbar ads and redirecting Internet Explorer users

Microsoft Edge on laptop and smartphone

Since the launch of the Chromium-based version of Edge, Microsoft has been on a mission to get more and more people using its web browser. This means not only trying to attract people who are currently using the likes of Chrome and Firefox, but also those who are doggedly hanging onto Internet Explorer.

Now the company is on the verge of forcing Internet Explorer users into Edge through the use of web page redirects. In addition to this, Windows 10 users who have installed the October 2020 Update (20H2) are seeing ads in the taskbar urging them to give the browser a try.

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Microsoft releases KB4577586 update to remove and block Flash from Windows

Microsoft building in California

After years of posing a security risk to millions of computers around the world, Flash is finally being killed off at the end of the year. Ahead of this, Microsoft has released a tool to help people remove Flash from Windows 8.x, Windows 10 and Windows Server.

The KB4577586 update not only purges systems of Adobe Flash Player, but also prevents the software from being installed again.

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Microsoft is throttling the rollout of Windows 10 20H2 -- but you can still grab it manually

Colorful Microsoft logo

The launch of any new feature updates for Windows 10 are met with a mixture of excitement at the prospect of new features and options, and trepidation about the new problems that might be introduced.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2) is no different in this regard, and there are already a number of known issues with the release. While there only a couple of significant issues that have caused Microsoft to put safeguard blocks on the update in place for some users, the company is still throttling the availability of 20H2 in order to "ensure a reliable download experience".

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How to view all Edge browser tabs when you press Alt-Tab

Multiple Edge logos

The Alt-Tab keyboard shortcut is one of the most well-known and most useful in Windows. The shortcut has long made it possible to quickly switch between running programs and open windows, and in Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2) it has gained a useful new option.

With the latest feature update for Windows 10 installed, you can not only Alt-Tab your way between programs and windows, but also the tabs you have open in Microsoft Edge. Here's what you need to know.

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Linux 5.10 is a bigger kernel release than expected and sees the removal of setf_fs()


With first release candidate of version 5.10 of the Linux kernel now available, Linus Torvalds says that it "looks to be a bigger release" than he expected.

Linux kernel 5.10-rc1 includes 14-15,000 merge commits -- depending on how you count them -- Torvalds notes in his weekly update to the Linux community. He shares the news that, for him, the most interesting change in this release is the removal of the setf_fs() addressing tool.

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How to access the System Control Panel in Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2)

Windows 10 desktop background

Since the arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft has made no secret of its desire to kill off the Control Panel. In moving everyone over to the Settings app, the company has been gradually chipping away, and the latest casualty in Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2) is the System applet.

Strangely, if you open the Control Panel, you will see that System is still present -- but when you open it you will be taken instead to the About section of Settings. But all is not lost; if you still want to access the classic System applet, here's how to do just that.

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How to force Windows 10 to install blocked updates

update button

Updates for Windows 10 are frequently problematic, causing a wide range of issues both large and small for users. Sometimes, Microsoft intervenes while it investigates problems, and puts a block on certain updates for systems and hardware configurations that are known to run into troubles with a particular release.

While this makes sense, many people prefer the idea of being in control of what they can and cannot install on their own computers. If you would like to get around one of these Microsoft-imposed compatibility holds/update blocks, here what you need to do.

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Mozilla: The internet is fcked, but together we can unfck it

Unfck the Internet

Ahead of the 2020 United States presidential election, Mozilla is calling Twitter and Facebook to "unfck the internet".

The Firefox-maker is seeking "an honest internet for the US elections". It's something of an ad campaign for its own web browser, but it touches on legitimate worries many people have about the use and abuse of social media. Specifically, there are concerns about how social media platforms are used to spread misinformation.

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Here are all of the known issues with Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2)

Windows 10 laptop

It is that time of year again, the time when Microsoft releases another big feature update for Windows 10. Yesterday saw the start of the roll out of Windows 10 October 2020 Update (or Windows 10 20H2), and already a number of issues have been acknowledged.

Actually, with this particular update the number of known issues its not too high, but that does not make them any less annoying for anyone who encounters them. Here's what Microsoft is holding its hands up to so far.

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Microsoft insists the 'forced' installation of Office PWAs was a mistake caused by a bug

Colorful Microsoft logo

Over the last couple of weeks, Microsoft was seemingly caught forcibly installing shortcuts to its Office web apps. Users of Microsoft Edge found that their Start menus were suddenly populated with links to Microsoft Office PWAs (progressive web apps).

But rather than being a slightly underhand way of advertising its other apps and services, Microsoft has a different explanation. The company says that the shortcuts started to appear as a result of a bug in the Edge browser, insisting it was not intentional.

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Halloween sale means huge savings on TogetherShare Data Recovery Pro and DataWiper

Halloween sale

The end of October is a scary time of year, and it's all the more scary if you've lost valuable data. If you've been looking to invest in data recovery software, now is a great time to do so thanks to a massive sale from TogetherShare in the run-up to Halloween.

The company is not only offering a great deal by slashing 50 percent off the price of TogetherShare Data Recovery Pro for Windows, the same offer also applies to the macOS version. And if that was not incentive enough, there's also another great software tool thrown in for free.

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Gamers will love Microsoft's new task manager widget

Xbox Game Bar resources widget

Window's Task Manager utility offers a handy way to see which apps and processes are using up system resources, as well as providing a means of killing off a few to help speed things up. This is something that gamers frequently do to maximize performance when running a demanding title, and Microsoft has now introduced a new way to do this via the Game Bar.

An update to the Xbox Game Bar app sees the arrival of a new Resources widget which makes it easier than ever to access a handy task manager to monitor and control how system resources are used.

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Microsoft fixes elevation of privileges security vulnerability in Windows Setup

Microsoft sign on glass building

Unbeknownst to Windows 10 users until now, a security vulnerability existed in Windows Setup, the process with runs when installing Feature Updates for the operating system.

The vulnerability (CVE-2020-16908) made it possible for a locally authenticated attacker to run arbitrary code with elevated system privileges. This flaw could be exploited to install software, create new user accounts, or interfere with data.

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Linux systems at risk of worrying BleedingTooth Bluetooth vulnerability

Linux penguin

Linux-based operating systems are generally considered to be more secure than the likes of Windows, but that does not mean they are completely without security issues. Google security researcher have issued a warning about a series of "zero-click" vulnerabilities in the Linux Bluetooth stack.

Dubbed BleedingTooth, the collection of security flaw could allow for remote code execution attacks. The issue affects Linux kernel 4.8 and higher, and can be found in the open-source BlueZ protocol stack. It has been assigned CVE-2020-12351 and a CVSS score of 8.3.

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