Verizon Revises ISP Terms of Service

Following AT&T's lead, Verizon said Wednesday it will also change its terms of service policy to remove language that would have enabled the company to disconnect those who criticized it online. AT&T was roundly criticized for adding in a provision that would have allowed them to do so earlier this month, however it decided to rephrase it to indicate that the company wouldn't disconnect service due to a customer simply expressing their opinion of the company.

"We've decided to eliminate the language from the policy," Verizon's John Czwartacki wrote on Verizon's company blog. "The intent of this provision; which, as I mentioned, has been in our policy for nearly a decade -- has always been to stop anyone who might represent themselves as Verizon in an attempt to do harm." Regardless, the company wants to avoid any criticism similar to that experienced by AT&T.

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