Up Close: Samsung's new Chromebook and Chromebox [video]

While Samsung cut an imposing figure at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012 with its huge flashy booth, the Korean electronics company managed to quietly display its upcoming second-generation Chrome OS devices without attracting tons of attention.

These new Chrome OS products include an updated Series 5 Chromebook which has 2GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD and a moderately faster CPU. It retains the smooth and ergonomic feel of the first generation Chromebook, but unfortunately also retains that device's somewhat cheap and plasticky feel. Samsung said the price will also remain the same.

The new product in the Chrome OS line is Samsung's desktop PC, known as the Series 3 Chromebox. This unit had six USB ports, headphone jack, Ethernet jack, DVI out and two Display Link ports, and was running Chrome 17.0.963.15. Inside is reportedly a dual-core Intel Celeron processor, with 2GB of ram and a 16GB SSD just like the refreshed Series 5 carries.

There is not yet a street date for either of these devices, nor has a price been announced for the Chromebox.

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