Jolidrive brings your personal cloud to iOS

With all of the cloud and social apps these days, our content becomes increasingly spread across vast reaches of the Internet. It is a modern-day problem that is less easy to solve than you may believe and accomplishing the feat has generated its own mini-industry within the tech world.

One service aiming to unify our vast web of data is Jolicloud, which uses its Jolidrive app to bring this sprawling mess together in a central location for customers to access. Now the service releases its iOS app, which is built for both iPhone and iPad and brings together much of your cloud-based life.

Jolidrive unifies services such as Box, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and many more into one single location where the customer can access all of their data. The announcement of this new platform is summed up by the company as a way "to give you the power to access all your content scattered across multiple services in one place. Exploring your content, music, photos, videos and documents has never been easier".

You can grab the smartphone or tablet edition of the new app by heading over to the iTunes App Store. The app is free.

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