Logitech announces Intel NUC-powered 'ConferenceCam Kit' video conferencing bundle


In the year 2016, you would think videoconferencing would be very prevalent in business offices. Unfortunately, many solutions are expensive and confusing -- audio-based conference calls are still quite popular. In order for video conferencing to truly take off, it must be both easy to setup and use.

Today, Logitech announces the ConferenceCam Kit -- a video conferencing bundle powered by the powerful, and diminutive, Intel NUC. Will it prove popular with businesses?

"In order to solve these customer pain points, the Logitech VC group created a conference room bundle dubbed ConferenceCam Kit. It includes a pre-specified PC from Intel tailored for video conferencing, a Logitech keyboard (K400+) for entering in meeting passcodes, a pre-configured Windows 10 Professional, Intel Unite for wireless data sharing to the local TV monitor, Intel vPro for IT to remotely manage the PC, and a Logitech ConferenceCam -- either our new GROUP or Connect", says Logitech.

The company further explains, "but most importantly, it contains a new element -- a software shell called QuickLaunch SE that runs on top of Windows and turns the PC into a video conferencing kiosk. This provides the best of both worlds for IT: a locked down computer but fully configurable by IT to add select Windows applications (think Office, Google Drive, or custom designed company programs) at their discretion. No Angry Birds allowed. This software has some neat tricks like asking at the end of your meeting if you want to email that spreadsheet on the PC with changes, wipeout any confidential data so it's not left behind, and reset the passwords to protect security".


The Intel NUC (NUC5i5MYHE) includes the following specs:

  • Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
  • Intel SSD Pro 2500 Series (180GB)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

The mini computer comes bundled with the following:

  • Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus
  • Logitech GROUP or ConferenceCam Connect
  • iluminari Quicklaunch SE
  • Mini display port to HDMI adapter
  • Intel Unite software

This bundle is quite beautiful and comprehensive, but it is not inexpensive. It will launch next month, starting at $1,599. The big benefit here, besides high-quality components, is knowing that everything is compatible. Since Logitech has tested everything together, you can be confident that you will not hit any roadblocks.

You also are not tied to any individual proprietary conferencing solution -- a huge plus. Since this runs Windows 10, you can choose almost anything you'd like, such as Skype, WebEx, or Google Hangouts.

If you are interested in purchasing this bundle, Logitech shares its sales number, 1-800-308-8666.

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