New solution allows intelligent management of data growth


The amount of data companies have to deal with is getting bigger and bigger, it's expensive to store and time consuming to manage. Little wonder then that businesses are looking for solutions that can automate the process.

Komprise, emerges from beta today with a solution that lets companies automate the management of enterprise data with analytics and insight -- across both cloud and on premise.

With no hardware to deploy, no storage agents, no changes to the hot data path, no complex configurations or proprietary interfaces, Komprise seamlessly works across storage environments, both on-premise and in the cloud. The solution is unique in that it not only understands how data is growing across a customer’s storage, but it also adapts to the specific needs of their storage environment and network. In addition, Komprise uses an architecture that scales on-demand so customers can grow the footprint as needed without over provisioning.

Thanks to affordable sub-cloud pricing, Komprise cuts over 70 percent of the storage cost related to buying, operating, managing and protecting storage. The solution also enables organizations to increase their return on investment by moving less frequently accessed data to secondary storage.

"Imagine needing to store more photos and videos on your phone, but the memory is full and you cannot afford to purchase more -- that's the challenge many businesses face today with their enterprise storage," says Krishna Subramanian, COO and co-founder of Komprise. "Now imagine your phone could transparently store those additional photos and videos, while cutting 70 percent of costs. And, you see all your photos as if they are right there on the phone, and if you open an older photo, the image is still instantly available on your phone via the cloud. This is what Komprise does for data -- transparent, seamless data placement and management across a customer’s storage infrastructure – on-premise or cloud".

Enterprises including Pacific Biosciences, Houston Housing Authority, and Medplast have already deployed the solution and achieved positive results. Komprise has also partnered with storage players including NetApp, EMC, Quantum, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services. You can find out more and request a trial of the product on the company's website.

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