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AVG force-installed vulnerable 'broken' Chrome extension


Google Security Research has criticized AVG for "force installing" AVG Web Tuneup, a Chrome extension which could be exploited to reveal "browsing history and other data to the internet".

And it only gets worse, the report claims.

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Get F-Secure KEY Premium, worth $32.99, for FREE this December 29 with Downloadcrew Giveaway


Using strong, secure passwords is the best way to protect your online accounts from attack. And on December 29th we’re making it easier than ever, by giving away a $32.99 1-year license for the password manager F-Secure KEY Premium for FREE!

The program generates secure passwords for your web accounts, on demand, and saves them to an encrypted database on servers hosted in Finland.

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Get Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro, worth $29.95, for FREE with our Monday Downloadcrew giveaway!


Slow PC? Restore its performance with Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro, a powerful drive optimizer worth $29.95, which you can get for FREE with our latest giveaway!

The program tramples all over Windows’ regular defrag with its support for multiple algorithms -- by access time, prefetch layout, change time or disk zone --  as well as on-demand defragging of files and folders.

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W10Privacy is a smarter Windows 10 telemetry blocker


If you’ve tried more than your share of Windows 10 telemetry blockers recently, then we know just how you feel, but wait -- W10Privacy is more interesting than most. No, really.

There’s a lengthy list of tweaks you can apply, for instance -- approaching 100 -- all neatly organized across several tabs: Privacy, Telemetry, Network, Services and more.

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Sunday's super deal -- get Watchdog Anti-Malware for FREE at Downloadcrew Giveaway!


Antivirus protection can be expensive -- but not today. We’re giving away free licenses for Watchdog Anti-Malware, a cloud-based second-opinion scanner which uses multiple antivirus engines to catch the threats that other packages miss.

A 1-year, 1-PC license normally retails at $24.99, but for 24 hours only from 12pm EST Sunday (27th December) to 12pm EST Monday, you can get your system protected for FREE!

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This Saturday, get WebSite X5 Home 12, worth $19.95, for FREE at Downloadcrew Giveaway!


Need a great-looking website, fast? Our latest giveaway, WebSite X5 Home 12, makes it easy to build attractive multimedia sites -- no experience required.

The package normally retails at $19.95, but for 24 hours from 12pm EST Saturday (26 December), you can get a single PC licence for FREE!

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Uncover your PCs speed issues with WhySoSlow


Resplendence Software has unveiled the first public beta of WhySoSlow, a smart Windows tool which analyses CPU and memory usage, power settings, devices, drivers, BIOS responsiveness and more for performance issues.

The program opens as a system monitor, displaying CPU usage, RAM load, hard page faults and other low-level indicators in real time.

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Rootkit detector SanityCheck adds Windows 10 support


While there used to be a wide range of specialist rootkit detectors available, most of the projects have been abandoned in recent years, with even apps like Bitdefender’s Rootkit Remover quietly forgotten.

But if you need some extra help in detecting stealthy malware, don’t give up -- Resplendence Software’s SanityCheck is still alive, and last week added support for Windows 10.

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Generate passwords you can actually remember with WordCreator


It’s important to use strong passwords to secure web accounts, and there are plenty of free generators around to help.

But most produce random results, and although cryptic garbage like "gKlephjjDe" will be hard to guess, it’s also not what we’d call memorable.

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Get Driver Booster 3.1 PRO, worth $22.95, FREE at Downloadcrew Giveaway!


Are your PC’s drivers up-to-date? It’s not always easy to find out, but worth checking -- there could be a pile of performance enhancements and bug fixes just waiting to be installed.

IObit Driver Booster 3.1 PRO takes away all your driver management hassles by checking for new releases, downloading and installing driver updates, all with a single click.

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Shut down Windows 10 telemetry with Win10 Spy Disabler


Windows 10 brought us Cortana. Edge. A brand new Start Menu. Oh, and a host of new and extended ways for Microsoft to capture data on your activities.

Fortunately 2015 has also seen the growth of a whole new market for programs to turn these technologies off again, and Win10 Spy Disabler is the latest example.

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Keep your mobile photos safe from snoopers with ToolWiz Photos


The top quality cameras on modern smartphones make it easy to record just about every detail of your life, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

But while that’s great in theory, it can lead to problems if someone else accesses your phone and sees something you weren’t expecting to share.

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FreeSmartSoft products still hiding an uninstallable 'back door'


It’s three weeks since we exposed freeware developer FreeSmartSoft for including an uninstallable adware-serving back door in some of its products.

The company had released some updated versions since then, so we checked out a copy of the popular FSS Google Book Downloader to see if any lessons had been learned.

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ImBatch adds more 'image to PDF' power


High Motion Software has shipped ImBatch 4.5.0, the latest edition of its free-for-personal-use image batch processor.

This release is mainly about the "Save to PDF" task, which now has more power than many specialist image-to-PDF tools.

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Build native iOS and Android protoypes with Pixate Studio

Pixate Studio

Designing mobile apps is always going to be difficult, but there are ways to make life easier -- and building a prototype of your interface is a good place to start.

Pixate Studio is a capable prototyping platform which allows designers to create 100 percent native prototypes of mobile apps, without the need to write any code.

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