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ASUS' new Transformer 3 hybrids target Microsoft Surface

ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303_01

There is no shortage of Surface competitors these days, as more and more manufacturers realize that there is huge potential for growth in the hybrid device market. Even Apple has entered this space, launching the iPad Pro last year to quickly establish itself as the sales leader. Can ASUS, with its new Transformer 3 devices which it just unveiled at Computex, have something to say in this market?

ASUS seems to understand what makes hybrid devices -- or ultraportables -- so appealing. The Transformer 3 Pro -- the top of the line model in the line -- features powerful hardware in a shell similar to a large tablet. It also has a keyboard, that is included in the box, and a screen big enough for every day use. On paper, it might be a better laptop replacement than Microsoft's Surface Pro 4.

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Squeaky Mouse plays WAVs when you click mouse buttons


Squeaky Mouse is a quirky Windows application which plays custom WAV files when you click specific mouse buttons. This could be useful audio feedback for anyone who can’t clearly see the mouse, perhaps because they’re visually impaired, or they’re some distance away, perhaps watching an in-person software demonstration.

Or you could just use it to really, really, really annoy someone.

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ASUS' new ZenBook 3 is more powerful, lighter than Apple MacBook

ASUS ZenBook 3_UX390_Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB SSD

It may be among the best looking, smallest and lightest ultrabooks available today, but the MacBook hasn't quite taken consumers by storm. Fortunately, this means that there is room for competitors to make a splash, which is what ASUS is hoping to achieve with its new ZenBook 3.

The MacBook lacks the guts required for more demanding applications, but that looks to not be an issue for the ZenBook 3. The device will be available in a configuration featuring an Intel Core i7 processor, which should deliver a healthy performance boost over the Core m3 and Core m5 processors that the MacBook can be equipped with.

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Stop data leaks with GiliSoft USB Lock


Networks, Internet, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CD, DVD, Blu-ray -- modern PCs make it easy to exchange files with the outside world. Sounds great. Unless you’re running a business, perhaps managing several PCs, each packed with confidential files which you don’t want copied or shared without permission.

GiliSoft USB Lock ($39.95 right now for a lifetime license, $49.95 normally) provides a range of ways to lock down your PC, and limit unauthorized data leakage.

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Is Microsoft bringing Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 Mobile?


If a discovery by a reddit user is anything to go by, Xbox One game streaming could be making its way to Windows 10 Mobile. The Xbox Beta app from the latest Fast Ring Insider Preview build appears to include references to streaming games from an Xbox One to a mobile device.

Reddit user, eric5949, noticed that a new 'Play from console' option has appeared on his handset. Microsoft has not said anything about this feature yet, but it's possible that it's something we could see later in the year in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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ASUS unveils new ZenFone 3 smartphone line -- here is everything you need to know

ASUS ZenFone 3 Ultra

If you are looking for a smartphone that offers great value for money, the ZenFone family includes some of the nicest Android handsets that you can get today. The devices are attractively priced and offer specs that can appeal to just about anyone shopping in their segment. However, a lot has happened since the introduction of the second generation, so now it is time for ASUS to take the wraps off the ZenFone 3 line.

ASUS has chosen Computex 2016 to unveil three new ZenFone 3 devices: the ZenFone 3, which is the base model featuring mid-range specs, the ZenFone 3 Deluxe, the flagship in the family, and the ZenFone 3 Ultra, a massive phablet which borrows features from the other two handsets.

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Cryptomator: free client-side encryption for your cloud files


Keeping your data in the cloud offers some protection against disaster, but also brings privacy issues: could anyone else access your files?

Cryptomator provides transparent, client-side encryption to keep your data safe, and allows access on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (a $4.99 commercial app), and via Java (Android is "coming soon").

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Take full control of your PC’s sleep modes with Stand-Bye!


Stand-Bye! is a free tool which suspends your PC when it’s idle, saving energy and extending battery life. This starts much like Windows, with a simple "activate standby after x minutes idle time" setting. Simple.

What’s more interesting is that Stand-Bye! gives you complete control over how "idle time" is defined.

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Messaging apps need to play by Iran's rules to operate in the country


Privacy concerns have been voiced after Iran announced plans to force messaging apps and social media services to store all data about Iranian users on Iranian soil. It is common practice for users data to be stored in other counties, but the government in Iran continues to exert its authority over the internet.

Any company who wants to operate a message service in Iran has a year to comply with the data relocation requirement. With Iran already blocking access to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, privacy and security advocates have expressed worries about the implications of the new rules.

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Pope Francis hangs out with YouTube creators in the Vatican -- His Holiness takes group selfie


Regardless of your religious affiliations or beliefs, meeting the Pope is a very monumental thing. After all, he is the leader of the Catholic Church, which has many millions of members. The current Pope, who adopted the moniker of "Francis", is quite popular with some folks thanks to his apparent rebuke of riches and excess.

Eleven lucky YouTube creators got to meet Pope Francis, even taking a selfie with His Holiness. However, the meeting was not just a photo opportunity. Actually, they got to speak with the Catholic Church leader, even asking him questions.

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How to enable paths longer than 260 characters in Windows 10


In days of yore, filenames in Windows were limited to the 8.3 format -- just eight characters for the filename, and three for the extension. With the arrival of Windows 95, Microsoft stripped away this limit and allowed for much longer names.

That said, the Windows file system still imposes some restrictions such as which characters can be used in filenames, and the overall length of paths. For some time the maximum path length has been 260 characters, but in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview, it is possible to use Group Policy or a registry hack to remove this limit.

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Now you can try out Amazon Echo's Alexa in your web browser


There is something of a trend for voice activated devices at the moment, and you might well be wondering if any of them are worth investing in. If you've been thinking about buying an Amazon Echo, you can now try it out in your web browser to get a feel for what it's like.

Amazon has launched the Alexa Skill Testing Tool which gives everyone the opportunity to test drive the virtual assistant for themselves. It's the perfect blend of try-before-you buy blended with clever marketing.

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The internet is plagued by misogyny and abuse


The world of technology has long been thought of as being male dominated. For those concerned with diversity, this is situation is less than ideal but a bigger problem exists in the form of online abuse. This does not refer just to trolling and immature silliness, but the more serious issue of targeted misogyny.

The headline to this article may seem to state the obvious, but it's very easy to assume that something is the case without actually having the evidence to support it. Personal experience is one thing, but how does this translate to the wider sphere? New research shows that there is indeed a serious problem with online abuse and misogyny, particularly on social media, and a campaign is underway to try to tackle the scourge.

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Microsoft says it will stop spamming Android users with Office ads in the notification tray

Office 365

It feels like we complain about Microsoft a lot here. We do; in recent months there has been a lot to get upset about. There has been a lot of negativity surrounding Windows 10, so let's have a change of subject. Now Microsoft is spamming the Android notification tray with ads for Office.

The notification tray in Android serves a very specific purpose. There's a clue in the name -- and it's nothing to do with advertising. Android user Thom Holwerda was upset this week when Microsoft Office for Android starting to spam him with ads for apps he already had installed. There are many questions here, one of which is why is Microsoft ignoring Google's guidelines and using the notification tray to display ads?

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China complains about forced upgrades to Windows 10


To say that Windows 10 has been controversial for Microsoft would be something of an understatement. The most recent cause for complaint has been a deceptive upgrade popup, described by many as a "nasty trick", which fooled users into installing the upgrade.

The company has since said that it will change the behavior of the upgrade notification, but this is not enough to silence hundreds of thousands of users in China. Microsoft stands accused of abusing its market position to force unwanted upgrades on people.

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