Whistler Hits the Web

An internal build of Microsoft's future operating system, set to combine consumer and business versions into a product currently codenamed Whistler Windows 2001, has leaked out onto the Internet. Build number 2211.1 was posted onto various college and Internet sites early
this morning and spread as per usual, like wildfire.

While the new operating system currently looks almost identical to
Windows 2000, a number of people who installed the leaked build stated there
were a few HTML enhancements to folders, simplifying things for novice users. For example, the control panel is now by default an HTML interface, offering access to a few basic configuration options.


Whistler does contain the infamous MarsCore.DLL file which started rumors last month regarding the purpose of Mars, now known to be part of the future version of Microsoft's MSN client. However, it is unknown whether or not the new HTML folders are part of the Mars core or if users will be given
the opportunity to switch off more user friendly parts of the operating system.

As usual with an early Alpha release, most new features and enhancements will not
be added until Beta 1. Keep checking back for continued coverage regarding Microsoft Whistler.

ActiveWin contributed to this report.

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