Netscape 6 Unofficial Preview Release 1

UPDATE: Netscape Communications has ceased allowing downloads of the unofficial Preview Release. eFront has received word about an unofficial version of Netscape 6 Preview Release 1. Secretly hosted on Netscape's FTP servers, the beta was not set for a public release until next month. Netscape 6 is the next generation browser from Netscape Communications, based on the work of In development for two years, many Netscape followers have tracked the browser's progress and are quite anxious to see the final product. After the decision was made to re-write the browser from the ground up, Netscape began to receive pressure from the Internet community due to delays in beginning development anew. The first Preview Release of version 6 comes complete with a new installer, Netscape messenger (an AIM clone), Net2Phone, a new HTML engine, Sun's Java2, and a spell checker. Please note this release is completely unofficial and unsupported. Use it at your own risk - it will contain bugs.

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