Microsoft Source Code Compromised?

Live From IW2000: Press is swarming around the Microsoft booth this last day of Internet World, as reports surfaced stating source code to Windows and Office may have been stolen. The Wall Steet Journal was the first to report that hackers may have obtained access to sensitive data via Microsoft's internal network using hijacked passwords. The software giant contacted the FBI yesterday after learning of the security breach, but has not commented further on the status of the investigation. Microsoft President and CEO, Steve Ballmer, told Reuters this morning that hackers had not obtained access to any programs, but the FBI was called in "to make sure it doesn't get that way." It is known at this point that passwords were being sent via e-mail to St. Petersburg, Russia, and those involved have had access for three months.

Windows source code represents billions of dollars in intellectual property, something which competitors and other software developers would love to get their hands on. Microsoft has been very protective of the code, only sharing pieces with select business partners. More on this story to follow.

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