Microsoft to Revamp Whistler Interface

Microsoft told beta testers this past Tuesday that the interface for Windows Whistler will be revamped, making what Mary Jo Foley described as "substantial changes" in her article over at ZDNet. Security surrounding the changes is so tight that not even testers will see what the new Whistler will look like until Beta 2, which is expected the second week of February, around the 12th. Microsoft is worried that the new interface will leak, which most likely it would, and took measures to prevent that until the official second beta.

However, according to the article, news about the changes has already hit the underground pipeline.

Rumors say an extensible shell will be part of the new interface based on Microsoft.Net. Also part of the reworking is a new user theme, currently dubbed Luna. Another source told ZDNet that the changes have been in the works for months now.

As for Internet Explorer 6, new news suggests that Microsoft will in fact be releasing the product as a stand-alone piece of software, much to the enjoyment of the public everywhere.

For the rest of Mary Jo's article, visit ZDNet.

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