MSN Offers Free Service to New Customers

Microsoft's MSN has partnered with, Inc. to provide one free month of Re-route's "Change of Address" service to new MSN members. By filling out a short form on Re-route's Web site, new MSN members can have
e-mails sent to their old e-mail address, including America Online, forwarded along to their new MSN e-mail address. In addition, Re-route will send an e-mail reminder to those who e-mail the old address letting them know that the recipient's e-mail address has changed.'s President and CEO Cloyd Laporte said in a statement, "Changing e-mail addresses is difficult, and a major reason Internet users
hesitate to change ISPs. We solve this problem by providing both e-mail forwarding service and change of address notification. " He continued, "By enabling Internet users to choose the ISP that best meets their needs, we
believe the Re-route service will change the competitive landscape in the ISP industry. " is currently available to users of any ISP for $25 for three months of forwarding. Users who switch to MSN, Telocity, or RCN will receive one free month of Re-route, but can get an extra three months of re-routing for $25.

Some ISPs could have concerns about third-party services accessing their systems to forward members' e-mail, with or without authorization. BetaNews is investigating whether any ISPs have or plan to block's service from downloading mail from their servers.

Neither Microsoft nor America Online were available for comment at press time.

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