Happy Holidays 2003

In what has come to be almost tradition for BetaNews, we would like to take a moment to give thanks for the support we have received this past year from our software authors, downloaders and avid readers. 2003 was a defining year for BetaNews and we continue to grow by leaps and bounds each day thanks to you.

As 2004 draws near, we have much in store for BetaNews - including the oft-promised complete site overhaul. While we have long planned to launch the new BetaNews, the crucial pieces have finally fallen into place and we look forward to bringing you a vastly improved BetaNews experience.

The new year is also set to bring exciting announcements in the realm of technology. As Microsoft works to complete a beta version of Longhorn, Windows XP will receive its first major update in the form of Service Pack 2.

The tit-for-tat rivalry between MSN and AOL will surely heat up as both services expand broadband offerings. And Linux will continue to worry Redmond executives, while open source vendors battle further lawsuits from SCO.

As always, we wish all of you a safe and happy holidays, filled with triumphant celebration. Although we are on an abbreviated schedule, be sure to check for new betas or jot a quick greeting to the staff.

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