MSN Beta Testers Receive One Free Year

Beta testers of Redmond's latest rendition of its MSN client have a secret admirer: Microsoft itself. Testers have begun to receive valentines from the MSN butterfly, complete with a pass for one free year of the service.

In an interview last month, Lisa Gurry, MSN Group Product Manager, told BetaNews that over 25,000 customers participated in the early access program resulting in over 150,000 pieces of feedback.

MSN Plus and Premium editions were launched by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates during his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The Plus client is a low cost alternative to MSN Premium and offers overall performance and stability improvements, better e-mail and address book featured, MSN dashboard, and a calendar. In addition, parental controls were also beefed up.

The Premium edition is broadband-centric with a focus on digital media, as well as persistent protection from viruses, pop-ups and Web attacks. To further entice customers, MSN Premium also includes Money Plus and Encarta Plus.

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