Windows Update Refreshed as XP SP2 Nears

A second release candidate of Windows XP Service Pack 2 may be inching closer. BetaNews has received word that Windows Update V5 has reached RC2.

Windows Update V5 presents users with a less cluttered interface, resumes interrupted downloads, toggles between custom and express installations, customized downloads that utilize improved patching technology, only the latest updates, and drastically improved automatic updating.


An e-mail issued to beta testers reads, "Windows Update V5 RC2 is now available for Windows XP SP2 (build 2120), Windows XP RTM/SP1, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000 SP3/SP4. The website and the Windows Update pages on BetaPlace are ready for testing!"

RC2 of Windows XP Service Pack 2 is due out soon and Windows Update 5 is an integral part of the major update to Microsoft's flagship operating system.

Service Pack 2 has secured the perimeter around Windows XP with a new mix of security features including: a new version of Internet Explorer; improved memory protection; e-mail safeguards for Outlook Express; the Windows Firewall; new security settings for Windows Media Player 9; redesigned networking components; and a new Windows "Security Center" to coordinate and manage security features.

12 Responses to Windows Update Refreshed as XP SP2 Nears

  1. f0rbez says:

    Has anyone been prompted to install this new version? I'm thinking its not up yet because my windows update is still the RC1.

  2. joske says:

    nice. always looking forward to a new service pack from microsoft

    • Thunderriver says:

      It is indeed a nice service pack, but if they don't tune up the Windows Security Center some more, it will be a giant trolling slowing boot-up machine.

      • allsiante says:

        For me, just keeping it disabled fom the first time it appeared. We came to know that we can always trust our own abilities more when it comes to protecting ourselves. More bloatware useless stuff won't do us any better.

  3. FailedCRC says:

    hooray, yet more drm restrictions for wmp

  4. moedje says: is the URL if you want to test it out yourself.

  5. jrepin says:

    Still no easy downloading of patches so you can burn them and install them later.

    And you still can't use WU with better browsers like Mozilla or Opera.

    • ghammer says:

      'Better' browser is a matter of opinion. As for the downloading of patches, if you have too many machines to update then you should look at the network installs and tools.

    • RobertM says:

      It's easy to download Windows Updates and do what you want with the setup files--including burning them to a CD or transferring them over a network for installation to other machines. Use the Windows Update Catalog (go to "Personalize Windows Upate" under Other Options in the bar on the left side, and choose the option to display the link to Windows Update Catalog), download the desired updates, and do what you please with them. Yeah, it's a bit more cumbersome, but for me on dial-up, I'm assuming it'll beat downloading everything twice. I'll find out tomorrow when my new laptop ships. :)

      • jrepin says:

        Still not easy enough. I like it how it is done in Linux. When I start updater and it detects all the needed updates it also gives an option to save all the packages (or not deleting them after update). I then just open the folder where the updates are saved and copy them to CD-R for future updates. It should be done in a similar way with WU.

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