Welcome: New BetaNews Launches!

Dear BetaNews Readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a long-awaited welcome to the new BetaNews. We have come a long way since first launching on June 1, 1998, and the new Web site serves as fitting celebration for a sixth birthday.

For the past six years, we have endeavored to bring you the latest software and technology news, and the new BetaNews will further this effort immensely. The BetaNews team has worked countless hours to redesign and rewrite the entire site from the ground up.

From day one, BetaNews has sought to be a community-driven Web site, relying heavily on reader submissions and interaction. The new BetaNews builds upon this focus with a vastly improved software submission process that gives authors direct control over their software titles via the Author Center.

Software searching and browsing has also been completely overhauled, providing a powerful interface to locate programs that suit specific needs. A Download Cart enables users to save those programs to be downloaded at a later time.

Features such as hiding software titles, and being notified of new releases come directly from feedback we have gathered from you. BetaNews could not be where it is today without the incredible support of our millions of readers, and we thank all of you.

While things may seem very different under the hood, little will actually change on BetaNews. You will always find the most up to date software releases and related news on the main page.

From all of us here at BetaNews, enjoy your stay at the new site, and don't hesitate to tell us what you think.

Nate Mook


BetaNews Staff:

Eric Steil

Lead Programmer

Eddie Elmore

Editor-in-Chief, FileForum

David Worthington

Senior Editor

Karl Kwasny

Lead Designer

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