Dell CEO: Less Regulation on Digital Movies, Music

Dell CEO Kevin Rollins told the Associated Press in an interview Wednesday that he thinks the government and regulators should step back and resist any temptation to regulate the digital movie and music industry.

He also suggested that entertainment companies should try to be a little more cooperative with the technology industry in creating new ways to deliver digital movies and music to consumers.

"There are many new ways to deliver content to users without having to bar them from access to content or entertainment," Rollins explained, saying that such action stunts growth rather than promoting it.

On Tuesday, Dell partner Intel told the Supreme Court to not get involved with the argument between the entertainment industry and file sharing networks over peer-to-peer file sharing. Even some artists have come out in support of file sharing networks, saying it gives them exposure they'd otherwise not receive.

Rollins did want to make it clear, however, that Dell as a company was not coming out in support of illicit P2P activity. Instead, Dell and other technology companies would like to work with the industry on standards and innovating delivery of content to users "rather than try to put artificial barriers up."

Dell does have a financial interest in digital music's success, as it produces several portable audio players.

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