Euro Gamers Finding Ways to Get PSP

With the release of PlayStation Portable in Europe now delayed at least several months, gamers are increasingly turning to other ways to get their hands on the highly anticipated gaming console. In London, some have even turned to "grey market" retailers where the imported Japanese version garners as much as three times the retail price at 300 pounds ($577 USD).

"Grey market" is a term that is used to describe the way these retailers acquire the products. They receive the product from out of country wholesalers, in this case from Asia, and then sell them in another country for a higher price. While not illegal, it is not condoned by Sony either.


According to one retailer, sales are brisk. He reported sales of 10 to 20 units a weekend since he started receiving shipments of the PSP, which come in the Japanese packaging.

The same thing happened in the United States as well. Underground sales of the unit were brisk earlier this year, but have fallen as the launch date has neared. It is likely to happen in Europe as well.

According to Amazon UK, the unit will be released in England on June 24 at a price of 179.99 pounds.

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