Yahoo Betas Content Sharing Search

Yahoo is testing out a new search engine devoted entirely to content licensed under the Creative Commons project. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides flexible copyright protections for creative works. Much of the content available under the license can be modified, extended or even sold.

Content available in the search can include a photograph or a song, and even articles and textbooks. Creative Commons has found many Web supporters among blogs, but the project is intended to extend to all types of work and "reduce barriers to creativity."

"This search engine helps you quickly find those authors and the work they have marked as free to use with only 'some rights reserved.' If you respect the rights they have reserved (which will be clearly marked, as you'll see) then you can use the work without having to contact them and ask," Yahoo explains in the search FAQ.

"In some cases, you may even find work in the public domain -- that is, free for any use with 'no rights reserved.'"

Yahoo says its new search will complement the one available on the Creative Commons Web site, and expose more people to the project. Creative Commons chair Lawrence Lessig fully supports the launch, saying it will help build a strong community.

"Creative Commons will be just a piece -- a component -- designed to remove the uncertainty around what creators mean. Yahoo! will gather this creativity into a community. Our component helps people be clear about the freedoms they intend to give, and the freedoms they can rely upon," Lessig said.

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