Comcast's Offer for Outage: $1.43 a Day

After experiencing three nights of network outages in less than a week, BetaNews has learned that in at least one case in southeast Michigan, a customer received a credit of $2.86 on their bill to compensate for the two days of service he complained about.

While the number may seem arbitrary, it's actually the $42.95 monthly charge divided by 30, which yields a $1.43 a day fee for access to the service.


Two other subscribers from New Jersey and New Hamsphire reported they had received about $5 and $6, using the same formula as the Michigan subscriber.

Comcast appeared to be reluctant to refund all customers since the outages were nationwide in all three cases. Instead, it is offering the credit only if the customer made the effort to call in - a policy some users don't agree with.

"Every customer should be refunded for every second that the DNS servers are down, we pay our fee every month for the service to be up, and we should get our money back when it is not working," one user said.

A Comcast spokesperson told BetaNews that the right approach is to work with customers individually in each market. "As a reminder, customers have
experienced these issues intermittently and in a number of different
ways. This approach lets us work one-on-one with each customer, based on
his or her own, particular situation," the spokesperson said.

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