MTV Goes Mobile with 'FLUX' Brand

Its TV networks may have transitioned to reality shows and "Jackass" spin-offs, but MTV is embracing the digital frontier to deliver music and entertainment to the connected generation. MTV Networks is launching a new brand called FLUX that aims to build a mobile community around music and digital media.

FLUX will initially launch in Japan through a partnership with KDDI Corporation's "AU" / "EZWEB," eventually making its way to other markets around the world. The service will provide subscribers who pay a monthly fee equivalent to $3 USD access to short videos and music through their mobile phones or computers.

FLUX isn't the first online effort from MTV. In April, the company announced a Web-based platform for delivering music and video clips called MTV Overdrive. Augmenting its television channels, Overdrive delivers six channels that feature news, music, television and movies.

But MTV is looking at the larger picture with FLUX, endeavoring to create a full-fledged community by enabling users to make recommendations to others and provide feedback on the content. FLUX will target 13-34 year-olds by featuring original video and animation from Japan's top creators.

"Technology has changed our lives, and Japan has been a clear leader," said Bill Roedy, Vice Chairman of MTV Networks. "We will launch FLUX in other markets and are uniquely positioned to share Japanese content innovations with the rest of the world through our global network."

For the Japanese launch, MTV has enlisted Utada, Japan's biggest female artist, who will produce the first music video series designed specifically for mobile phones. Other mobile music downloads, called "mastertones," will be offered through partnerships with record labels including Avex, BMG Funhouse and Columbia Music Entertainment.

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