100Mbps Cable Internet by 2006

A Finnish firm says that 100Mbps cable Internet will be possible as early as next year, thanks to its new Ethernet-to-the-home technology. Also, the cost to companies to connect customers using this ultra-fast connection is expected to be relatively cheap, meaning customers may not need to worry about rising broadband costs for more speed.

Teleste, a small company that produces broadband equipment, would have to compete with much larger firms Scientific Atlanta and Cisco. However, the company says the earliest it expects its rivals to have similar technology would be early 2007.

The Ethernet-to-the-home technology would cost cable providers between $60 and $240 to connect a new home, a figure that companies could recoup in several months of service.

Currently, cable provider Essent of the Netherlands is testing the technology; however, according to the company, speeds are not yet at a level that Essent is satisfied with.

"Based on our research 30 Megabits per second is the absolute minimum in future homes. Just one TV program would take 10-20 Megabits per second of this alone. So, very fast we would reach a need for 30 Megabits, and also for 50 Megabits per second," Pekka Rissanen, a Teleste executive told reporters at a news conference.

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