Web Browsing, Video Coming to PSP

Sony said Thursday that a software update for the PlayStation Portable next week would add the capability to surf the Web and watch video clips. The Web browser will be HTML 4.01-compatible and will be able to display most Websites.

Capabilities for Web browsing were already available to players who had the game "Wipeout Pure" -- instructions to exploit a Web browser to view Web sites could be found on the Internet.

The PSP will be able to play video in the MPEG4 AVC format. Sony is launching a Website in Japan called SoNet which will allow users to purchase downloads of TV programs and other videos. Sony has not announced pricing for the service.

The software update will be made available on July 27 in Japan. An announcement was not made if the update would be made available elsewhere at that time.

Also announced with the software update was the company's intentions to start producing a white PSP model, which will be available in Japan starting on September 15.

So far, the PSP has sold 5.1 million units, with 2.7 million of them in the U.S.

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