Future Display Standard Proposed

A brighter picture and less wires are some of the advantages to a new display standard for PCs, TVs and projectors being reviewed by the Video Electronics Standards Association, or VESA. Called DisplayPort, it allows for more colors, better resolution and refresh rates, and connections involving fewer cables.

In the new standard, audio travels over the same cable as the video signal. Also, more bandwidth is available, allowing for a crisper and fuller picture and sound.


According to supporters of DisplayPort, the standard is intended to replace the current VGA and DVI connections. VESA says that these standards are quickly falling behind the times.

VGA was not intended for high-definition video, and DVI, while supporting the high-definition format, does not allow for a method for devices to communicate with one another.

Other features of the proposed standard include support for multiple video streams, plug-and-play compatibility, and also a method for digital rights management to prevent unauthorized content from being viewed on the display.

The review process is expected to take about six months to finish, with DisplayPort-capable devices making it to the market possibly as early as next year.

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