MSN Quietly Updates Messenger to 7.5

Microsoft on Tuesday afternoon beefed up its MSN Messenger client by releasing version 7.5 of the product. Among the new features are a continued push for VoIP through a feature called "voice clip" and beta connectivity with Vodafone Messenger for customers in Europe.

Voice clip allows a user to record a small audio file under 15 seconds in length and send it to his or her contacts. The feature does not require a direct connection to work, and will play instantly upon receipt. Microsoft says the feature was designed to feel like an instant message, and adds a "personalized and emotional dimension to IM."

Microsoft has also improved audio quality for VoIP calls with improved echo cancellation.

MSN Messenger 7.5 adds interoperability with users of Vodafone Messenger in Europe - a service provided by the mobile phone company that enables subscribers to talk between a handset and PC. In June, Vodafone and MSN first introduced interoperability through Vodafone's own product.

"This move will connect the largest PC IM service in the world with customers from the world's largest mobile carrier," a Microsoft spokesperson told BetaNews. "We're in beta with this service today and MSN Messenger v7.5 is the client that will enable us to roll this service out more broadly in the coming weeks and months in Europe."

Also in Tuesday's release were dynamic backgrounds that allow for animation in the background of a Messenger chat window, expanded security settings, and better audio and video conference support.

MSN Messenger 7.5 is available for download from FileForum.

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