AOL Rolls Out First AIM Ad Campaign

The new AIM Triton may still be in beta, but AOL is already preparing a wide-ranging campaign to promote the service among younger computer users in an effort to regain some ground it has lost to more-gimmicky rivals such as MSN.

"I AM" advertisements will showcase Triton with a new logo that encloses AIM text within an orange speech balloon. AOL hopes to show that online communication can go farther than just the standard instant message.

The marketing campaign for 18-25 year-olds will center around the communications features that Triton offers: IM, e-mail, video and voice chat, and text messaging. The ads will also highlight the role a user's screen name plays in their online identity.

"We are confident that our new visual identity and creative showcases the flexibility and comprehensiveness of the new AIM Triton service," said AOL executive vice president Kevin Conroy in a statement.

The ads will run on, and throughout the network, as well also on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, which AIM's target audience frequents.

Users will be invited to go to a page on the AIM Web site that introduces them to the Triton client. The program, currently in public beta testing, is expected to be released in final form shortly.

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