iPod Nano Gets Protective Sleeve

Although it has repeatedly denied any widespread problem with scratching on its diminutive music player, reports appeared on the Web Friday that Apple has begun adding a protective sleeve to new iPod Nano shipments.

"The case we ship with the new 5th generation iPod has received great feedback from customers and we are including a similar case with the iPod nano," Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling told BetaNews.

According to reports, the fabric sleeve is nearly identical -- albeit smaller -- to those bundled with the newest video-enabled iPods.


The company may have taken this step as a pre-emptive measure to prevent further damage from an ongoing class-action lawsuit against the company, which recently expanded to include Nano owners in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Both suits allege that Apple had knowledge of screen defects prior to the release of the iPod Nano, but ignored them in favor of ensuring the product made it to the market in a timely manner.

Despite maintaining that the material used to protect the screen of the Nano is the same as previous iPods, rumors have surfaced that the company may be ordering its Chinese manufacturing plants to coat the players with an extra layer of protective plastic.

Even with the complaints, Apple is preparing to ship as many as 4 million Nanos each month for the holiday season. In the 17 days after the device launched, one million players were sold. The company said at the time that this included an "enormous backlog."

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