TiVo Users Love Funny Super Bowl Ads

TiVo's yearly analysis of the top Super Bowl commercials revealed that Ameriquest's ads "Friendly Skies" and "That Killed Him" were the most commonly replayed ads in TiVo households Sunday. TiVo said that its analysis showed that humorous ads seem to garner the most attention by its customers, with nearly every commercial in the top ten using some kind of humor to deliver the message.

However, in an exception from past years, a play on the field nearly eclipsed replay and rewind activity for the most popular commercials. Two plays earned that distinction -- a controversial second quarter touchdown by Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and the score that clinched the Steelers victory. An analysis of usage showed TiVo users hit replay, pause, or rewind an average of 100 times during the game, and the replay button alone 30 times.

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