Sun Betas New Vista-Compatible Java

Sun Microsystems on Wednesday issued a beta release of Java Platform Standard Edition 6, the company's next-generation development language targeted at so-called Web 2.0 programmers. Perhaps most enticing for those new to Java, the update adds a framework for supporting popular scripting languages such as PHP.

Java SE 6 -- previously known by the code-name "Mustang" -- also leverages JavaScript and includes a full "Web services client stack," along with support for recent Web services specifications like JAX-WS 2.0 and JAXB 2.0. In addition, the release will bring support for Windows Vista.

"The Java SE 6 software is clearly emerging as the next generation platform for Web 2.0 applications and services. The Beta version has been extensively tested and is now ready for a wider base of developers who want to take advantage of the latest features but don't want to be 'bleeding edge,'" said Jeff Jackson, vice president Java Developer Platform and Strategy


Progress has been made on the desktop side as well. Java SE 6 more tightly integrates with the native operating system platform by emulating the look and feel, while adding support for text printing and drag-and-drop.

Compatibility has also been a major area of focus during the development of version 6. Sun is encouraging developers to try out the beta release and submit any issues they come across. The company is holding a contest to find compatibility bugs and is offering up a Sun Ultra 20 workstation.

A final release of Java SE 6 is expected in the fall. The beta version can be downloaded now through Sun's Developer Network Web site.

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