Finns to Study Cellular Radiation

Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority said Friday it would conduct tests to study the effects of cellular phone radiation on the human skin. Next week, researchers plan to expose the skin of participants to cell phone radiation for a period of one hour and compare the results.

In previous tests, the group found some evidence of change among its female participants at the cellular level, however it wasn't clear if those changes were posing an actual health risk. This study would use female volunteers to maintain consistency and to allow for comparisons between the results.

A key difference between these studies is the fact that the cells would be exposed to radiation while in the body, rather than from a sample taken from the participants as in the previous test. Research professor Dariusz Leszczynski told Reuters that cells function differently when in the body versus in a Petri dish, so the results of this test could be different.

He also said that he said that radiated human proteins could potentially make it to the human brain and be an indirect link to cancer, but that was pure speculation on Leszczynkski's part.

Final results of the study are expected by the end of the year, with hopes that the findings may finally settle the long debate of whether cell phone radiation really is toxic.

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