Firefox 2 to Include Anti-Phishing Tech

Google's anti-phishing technology will make it to the trunk Mozilla code for the popular Firefox browser, and the company has confirmed some type of anti-phishing technology would be included with Firefox 2.0, according to press reports Thursday.

The second version of the alternative browser is scheduled for the third quarter of this year, close to the expected release of Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft has also added its own anti-phishing technology to IE 7, promoting it as one of the most significant additions to the market leading browser.

Technologies to combat phishing are already included in Netscape and Opera 8. Building such capabilities into Web browsers is both an effort to curb the rapidly increasing number of attacks, as well as a natural extension of the fight itself.


Most phishing attacks, which involve the stealing of usernames, passwords and confidential information, occur on the Web. Thus, building technology into Web browsers makes sense, say experts.

Mozilla has not yet committed on how it would incorporate Google's technology, or if it would use the Mountain View, Calif.-based search engine's implementation at all.

Currently, Google offers the Safe Browsing plug-in for Firefox, which its Google Labs division released in December of last year. The decision to possibly include Google technology into the browser likely has a lot to do with the two companies' close ties -- especially with several former Firefox developers now working for the search giant.

While an alpha release of Firefox 2 will likely be released later this month, the anti-phishing technology would not be included initially. However, Mozilla said it could appear in later builds on an experimental basis.

Confirmation of Mozilla's anti-phishing plans first appeared in an article on CNET Thursday.

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