MS: Windows More Reliable Than Linux

Microsoft made a statement on Thursday that is sure to rile its detractors: the Windows Server operating system is being chosen in greater numbers by corporations over UNIX and Linux for its reliability.

To support the claim, Microsoft said companies such as Altera, Rayovac, and CompUSA cited that fact in their decisions to choose the Windows platform.

Additionally, the company citied data from research firm IDC that showed Windows Server was the most popular platform for those migrating from legacy UNIX systems, with 45 percent turning to Windows.


It should be mentioned, however, that over half in the study did not choose Microsoft's products -- with 37 percent moving to Linux, and 16 percent choosing another UNIX variant.

"According to IDC, the UNIX market is not defaulting to Linux. In fact, Windows Server is the No. 1 platform targeted by UNIX customers," platform strategy director Ryan Gavin said. "We expect the migration trend to Windows Server to accelerate."

Microsoft and partner Intel recently completed a national tour in the second half of last year highlighting the benefits of switching from UNIX to Windows Server on Intel's 64-bit chips. Microsoft said it understood that most were moving from 64-bit RISC systems, thus they expected the same support within the Windows platform.

The company has invested heavily in 64-bit computing, making its Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, and the upcoming version of Exchange Server all 64-bit compatible.

"We needed performance, security and reliability at a reasonable price, and Linux would have presented greater risk in all those areas," Rayovac CIO Rick Dempsey said in support of the announcement. "I need a proven IT environment that I'm sure we can support."

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