Xbox Head Compliments the Wii

Microsoft has informally allied itself with competitor Nintendo in the fight for supremacy in the next-generation video game race. Microsoft's vice president Peter Moore said that for the price of the top of the line PlayStation 3, a gamer could buy both the Xbox 360 and Wii.

Moore's comments were reported by Reuters Thursday, and indicate that Microsoft is ready to escalate its battle with Sony, both on the hardware front and the court of public opinion. Such talk could benefit Nintendo as well, and sway public opinion against the market leader.

The top-of-the-line PS3 would retail for $599 USD, whereas the Premium Xbox 360 system retails for $399 USD. Analysts have projected the Wii to come in at $150 to $200 USD, which was the likely basis for Moore's speculation.


Nintendo has an intellectually property advantage, Moore conceded, with the Mario, Zelda and Metroid franchises. He also complemented the company's work in designing the new console.

Additionally, Microsoft continued to dispute Sony's claims that the next generation of gaming starts with the release of the PS3 on November 17. Moore said that right now Xbox 360 holds 100 percent of next-generation console sales, and the ball was in Sony's court to take that away.

The company overall feels very good about where it stands, and is now focusing on areas where the Xbox 360 is not doing well, like Japan. Moore said new games catering to that market could help. However, he said if that does not work, Microsoft might pass the Asian market by as it is running out of options.

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