First Nike+iPod Devices Launches

Nike and Apple said Thursday that it would officially launch the first product as a result of their partnership on Friday. The Nike+iPod Sport Kit, retailing for $29 USD, allows Nike+ ready footwear to communicate with the iPod Nano.

The accessory will be available through Apple's online and offline locations, as well on, in the company's 'Niketown' stores, and in select retail locations. With the device attached to the shoe, audible updates on speed, distance ran, and calories burned would be made available.

In conjunction with the release of the accessory, Nike launched two Nike+ ready shoes, the Air Zoom Moire+ and Air Zoom Plus+. The company said it plans to have six styles equipped with the functionality by the end of July.

Footwear is expected to range between $80 and $100 USD. An upgrade to iTunes 6.0.5 is necessary to use the enhanced functionality that the Sport Kit provides, Apple said.

Launch events are planned in Nike's New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles locations. Entertainment will include appearances from Nike athletes, as well as live performances in some locations.

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