CNN Turns to User-Submitted Content

Cable news network CNN plans to join the user-submitted content movement on Monday by introducing CNN Exchange, an area where viewers will be able to submit their own articles, pictures and video. The effort would be the largest commitment to "citizen journalism" by any major news organization.

A dedicated staff will sift through submissions and post the best to its various properties, including CNN's television networks, radio properties and

The network hopes that citizen journalists will come to them, rather than the company having to browse through social video sites like YouTube and others to find videos for its newscasts.

Throughout the Israel-Lebanon conflict, the site has turned to these sites for videos that show a more personal perspective of the fighting. While blogs have also played a role in describing what is occurring, networks are increasingly turning to user-submitted multimedia to tell the story.

The Web site is located at and will act as a central clearinghouse for all of the network's citizen journalist activities, including text, pictures and video. CNN is also using the site to promote its blog offerings, as well as other citizen journalist sites on the Web.

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